Hilda Helena Naa Akushika Addoquaye

Ghana 2020

Hilda Helena Naa Akushika Addoquaye believes that for students to become impactful leaders in the local communities, it’s vital for schools to bring communities and societies into the educational curriculum. Working with Right to Dream, a foundation focused on developing character through sports, she plans to implement a leadership curriculum and provide mentorship for young people who may not have family structure and support. Where division and conflict is common-place, she seeks to promote shared values and cultures: helping students from different parts of the world build bonds and respect across different cultures, unified by a common purpose to do good.

“Being an Eisenhower Youth Leader will give me the opportunity to be a spokesperson for the importance of African societal values and youth leadership within my community and country. I have seen the value that this world-class network of Fellows brings on improving society, and will use it to build my passion and impact here in Ghana.”

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