Justice Project

The Eisenhower Fellowships Justice Project is a multi-year commitment to focus the talent, resources and influence of the organization to confront stubbornly entrenched racism and systemic inequities in the United States and to strengthen and advance around the world the justice pillar that is a bedrock of our founding mission.

"In the world, we can claim the trust of hundreds of millions of people....only as we ourselves hold high the banner of justice for all."

The Eisenhower Fellowships Justice Project is anchored in the values of our namesake, President Dwight D. Eisenhower, and reflects his legacy of moral leadership against racial discrimination. This vital work of the man who sent the U.S. Army’s 101st Airborne Division into Little Rock, Arkansas in 1957 to protect Black students and ensure they could exercise their Constitutional right to attend a segregated, all-white high school remains unfinished in our society, as an overwhelming majority of Americans recognize.

At this time of profound national reckoning with issues of race and social justice, the Justice Project employs our historic foundation of direct dialogue to shape sustainable solutions to these vexing issues that disproportionately, adversely affect African-Americans and other communities of color. The Justice Project builds upon the countless actions of Eisenhower Fellows each day to forge a more inclusive and humane future in a world more peaceful, prosperous and just, marked by equal opportunity and mutual respect for the human dignity of every individual.

Initiatives under the umbrella of the Eisenhower Fellowships Justice Project include:

Justice Program

The USA Justice Program is a new fellowship program that will send ascendant American leaders on a transformative, personalized professional experience abroad to enhance their perspectives and sharpen their skills so they can maximize their impact on advancing racial justice in their communities and professional spheres. This program focuses primarily on mid-career minority professionals leading change in the fields of race relations, law enforcement and criminal justice reform, health care, economic inclusion, entrepreneurship, access to digital technology, environmental inequity, educational opportunity and civic participation, among others. EF launched the inaugural Justice Fellows program in 2022.

EF Spotlight:
bridging the gap

The EF Spotlight: Bridging the Gap is an externally focused effort to publicly highlight and amplify the work of Eisenhower Fellows already engaged in efforts to combat institutional inequities and bridge longstanding opportunity gaps between the races that adversely impact minority communities. This effort includes public-facing convenings, social media outreach and potential partnerships with other like-minded organizations to leverage our Fellows’ achievements in these fields and inspire collaborations that can further deepen their impact on issues of race and social justice.

Susan Eisenhower

Face to Face

Face to Face is an internal series of honest and productive conversations within EF about race and justice to share ideas and differing perspectives on our values, our work and our society and translate them into concrete action. These discussions, shaped and led by some of our most prominent Fellows in concert with colleagues from divergent backgrounds, connect our leaders in a deep, authentic dialogue about how to advance our mission from the disparate vantage points of lives lived differently. These candid conversations give voice to unheard views and deepen the relationships of trust that are the trademark of Eisenhower Fellowships. The aim is to help us maximize our Fellows’ impact on issues of racial justice and fairness in long-term, sustainable ways that reflect the rich diversity of our influential global network. This determined look inward encompasses an organizational commitment to further diversify our governance, our programs, our internal processes and our staff, helping us mainstream these efforts to advance social justice and racial equity as a core dimension of our mission in all our operations and activities, from our program designs to our financial decisions.

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