Change Agents

We seek a diverse mix of accomplished leaders from a variety of sectors who would benefit significantly from a six-week networking, and professional development experience in the U.S. Eisenhower Fellows use what they learn during their meetings with other leaders, including their fellow Fellows, to think through issues that are vital to their personal and professional development and to identify opportunities for sustained results from the fellowship experience.

EF recruits its global candidates from more than 55 countries in Europe, Latin America, Asia, Oceania and Africa. Candidates are solicited through an open application process, and supported by EF’s 44 local country chapters in the vetting and selection of candidates. To ensure that the network and Fellow classes remain diverse and representative of countries, regions and professional sectors, EF opens up its global programs each spring and fall to a select group of countries in its network, while still allowing all interested country chapters with strong candidates to apply. The country rotation schedule is based on a variety of factors, including size of the EF network and geopolitical importance of the country and/or region, among others.

Successful candidates:


  • Are typically 32-45 years old, and fluent in spoken and written English
  • Are outstanding leaders in their field who have demonstrated significant professional and community accomplishments, and show substantial promise for even higher achievement
  • Are visionaries who will tackle big challenges in order to better the world around them
  • Can clearly articulate achievable goals for their fellowship program and explain how their proposed program design will help them reach these goals 
  • Present a concrete and realistic fellowship project they intend to advance and then implement post-fellowship
  • Embrace the lifelong commitment to the EF network of Fellows 
  • If you have questions about the application process, please e-mail