September 14-17, 2017

In just a few short weeks, Eisenhower Fellows from all over the world will be gathering in Málaga, Spain, to explore this critical subject of vital importance in every region. Co-hosted by the Eisenhower Fellows of Spain and Jordan, the Future of Work Conference is designed to bring together thought leaders and doers from every region of the world to learn, collaborate and strategize on how to create societies that take into account rapid technological advancements, automation, the new dynamics of labor and mobility and the youth whose future these forces will shape.

With robust presentations, dynamic discussions, site visits and networking opportunities, the conference will address ways in which global leaders can generate relevant approaches to digital innovation, develop public policy responses to skill-building and shape educational initiatives to adapt to the new reality of artificial intelligence and robotics. Kathleen Kennedy, Director of Special Projects for the Executive Vice President and Treasurer at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), is at the forefront of both technology and education at a world-class institution. She will lend her expertise on both subject matters, while leading conversations with leading global experts such as Tom Malone (MIT), whose research focuses on how work can be organized in new ways to take advantage of the possibilities provided by information technology. Malone is also the author of the critically acclaimed book, The Future of Work, which has been translated into six languages. Malone will be joined on his by Naveen Rao (INTEL) and Stan Shih, a co-founder and honorary chairman of Acer Inc.

In addition to technological changes, the conference will address the challenges of extreme international migration, the shifting of labor distribution and the need to include women and youth in the changing global economy. Exploring these challenges and innovative solutions will be the topic of a panel that Eisenhower Fellow Dina Sherif (Egypt 2015), CEO and Co-Founder, Ahead of the Curve will lead that includes voices from a major international research organization and key changemakers and influencers from several continents.

For the first time, Eisenhower Fellowships will launch the EF Youth Network, an initiative designed to capture the spirit of mentorship and development for the next generation of leaders around the world. With youth representatives from at least 20 countries, Eisenhower Fellows will have a firsthand opportunity to directly connect with and hear from young people about their ideas for the future of work, putting youth perspectives on center stage for thought-provoking conversations and implementation of ideas to address the high rates of youth unemployment around the globe.

An additional new initiative will be the launch of iLabs, a competitive process to elevate some of the most promising ideas that can be implemented as an outcome of the conference. Fellows and guests will have an opportunity to hear from more than 15 different innovators who are leading the way actively changing the future for the next generation. Conference participants will have the opportunity to connect with Fellows on their projects to either partner, scale the concepts or lend support in other concrete ways.

The City of Málaga, located on the southern Mediterranean coast of Spain, was chosen as the perfect nexus for our international gathering, the geographic center between Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Boasting a surging high-tech sector, Málaga is the home to a vibrant arts and culture scene that has transformed a city with a historically high level of unemployment. Engaging and interactive site visits to the technology hubs of Málaga and the arts and culture community promise to add another dimension of excitement to the conference.

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