Chang started in finance and banking, then moved to the hi-tech field, then telecommunications and now media and journalism, which he finds more appealing than “a semi-retirement life.” The fellowship experience allowed him to get involved in the global community. Chang’s father was an Eisenhower Fellow, who had died young, and Chang had to go on the EF journey himself to learn its meaning and power. His journey inspired him to create the Cross-Straits Leadership Camp to address the following questions: might cooperation replace confrontation given the historical differences; would understanding replace ignorance; and would they be able to build a bridge that would foster friendship that transcends political systems and historical burdens.

With support from long-time EF partner, China Education Association for International Exchange (CEAIE), EF Chinese Taipei launched the camp program in 2010, and has run them since. Program participants are college or graduate level students who traverse the Taiwan Strait as future ambassadors for understanding and tolerance, using an adaptation of the EF fellowship model.

Listen to Harvey Chang speak about his EF journey






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