About EF’s Youth Leadership Network


In response to interest from Fellows around the world, Eisenhower Fellowships launched an initiative aimed at youth aged 18 to 25 years to complement its existing network of 1,500 dynamic, mid-career change agents. All Eisenhower Fellows are currently expected to engage with the global EF network, including a commitment to mentoring as part of post-fellowship service to their communities. The Eisenhower Youth Leaders Network deepens EF’s commitment to mentorship and support efforts to cultivate the next generation of leaders.

Like Eisenhower Fellows, Eisenhower Youth Leaders represent all countries and regions in the EF network, including the United States. Nominating committees help find and select promising young men and women with demonstrated leadership qualities. Interested candidates submit an application describing their experience and accomplishments, as well as how they believe they can serve and lead their communities and peers forward to make the world a better place.  Candidates need to articulate a project idea as well. All candidates attend an in-person interview with the selection committee in their home country.

Youth Leaders attend a global or regional conference. The 2020 Youth Leaders met at the Future of Education conference in Cartagena, Colombia. Previous groups attended the Future of Work conference in Malaga, Spain, and the European conference held in London in October 2018.

The Eisenhower Youth Leaders benefit from exposure and access to a global network of accomplished leaders in all sectors and from every region of the world. EF ensures that each young person is connected to at least one mentor who commits to working with the young man or woman for at least one year. Post-initiative, the Eisenhower Youth Leaders are expected to share what they have learned through a project report.

Over time a vibrant global network of the next generation of young leaders will be created. The potential for stand-alone global events aimed specifically at youth could be developed, deepening Eisenhower Fellowships as an institution, expanding its base of champions and change agents and amplifying its positive impact on sectors and societies around the world.

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