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The Spanish Society of Eisenhower Fellows convened some 60 distinguished, international guests from the legal, media, diplomatic and private sectors for an annual awards luncheon, which has recognized the legacy of President Eisenhower through the First Amendment Award since 2013. The award honors Spanish journalists and news leaders who have contributed to the defense and promotion of freedom of information. In 2016, the award was expanded to recognize achievement in various categories vital to maintaining and defending the free flow of information and ensuring a future for a vibrant news media. 



This one-day conference on October 7 built on previous EF Day celebrations with keynote speaker, Ramon Lopez, Secretary of Trade and Industry, presenting on the promotion of small and medium enterprise growth in Basilan and ARMM in general. An interactive panel followed with intense discussion from ARMM Regional Governor Mujiv S. Hataman (Philippines ’12), Miguel Rene A. Dominguez, President of Saranggani Agricultural Company and Economist and University Professor Ciel Habito.  Reflections from newly elected senator Risa Hontiveros-Baraquel (Philippines ’01) and an introduction of the newest EF Fellows from the Philippines, Daisy Sayangda (’15), Louella Pesquera (’15), Stephanie Caragos (’16) and Edwin To (’16) rounded out a highly successful EF Day. 
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Fellows enjoyed a presentation and discussion on Space research and beyond, at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics on October 7.



EF Day was celebrated in Lima on October 11 with several Fellows attending an annual EF Peru Chapter meeting, including the recently appointed Presidential Advisor, Felipe Ortiz de Zevallos ’96, President of the EF Peru Chapter and Minister of Production, Bruno Giuffra ’09.” 
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The 4th ABEFELLOWS Forum commemorated EF Day on October 14, 2016 in São Paulo, at the Department of Production Engineering at the University of São Paulo.

Introduced by EF Day coordinator, Eduardo D´Aguiar (Brazil ’96), Fellows were part of a round table discussion on entrepreneurship and its economic aspects on Brazil. Reports from Fellows included Fernando Quartin (Brazil ‘96), Glaucia Souza (Brazil ’09) and Bruno Rondani (Brazil ’13) who all commented on the impact of their fellowships in the areas of enterprise and entrepreneurship. Invited guest Professor Eduardo de Senzi Zancul, University of São Paulo, commented on the importance of innovation for the scientific and technological development of any global society. The panel was joined by local engineering students and Anna Laura Schmidt (Lemann Foundation - Brazil) who shared her experiences on fellowship candidacy.



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The Argentine celebration took place on October 17 in Buenos Aires and was led off by General Julio Hang (Argentina ’88)  with remarks on Latin American Highlights in the EF Network.  U.S. Ambassador, Noah Mamet and the National Minster of Education, Esteban Bullrich (Argentina ’06)  addressed the education system in Argentina.   The presentations were complemented by a tribute to President Eisenhower and musical performances. 

Sri Lanka 

One-day conference | The Trail of Nanotechnology and Extraterestrial Life
The Eisenhower Fellowships Association of Sri Lanka collaborated with the Sri Lanka Institute of Nanotechnology in Colombo to present to the Sri Lankan public some of the most ground breaking international research findings in the area of Astrobiology, and new research on Extraterrestrial life and Nanotechnology. Highlighted was the work and research of Prof. Chandra Wickramasinghe, internationally acclaimed astronomer, world famous for his pioneering studies in Astrobiology, cosmic dust and extraterrestrial life.



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The Egyptian Fellows hosted Ambassador Nabil Fahmy, former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Egypt (2013-2014) and current Dean of the School of Global Affairs and Public Policy at the American University in Cairo on October 26th. Fahmy shared his perspective on global political developments during a discussion with Fellows. Other issues discussed included the changes and developments taking place in Egypt and the region, and the implications for the strategic relationship between Egypt and the United States.  The debate inspired Fellows to continue moving forward, and focus on exploring opportunities to foster collaboration between the two countries.  



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Japanese EF Fellows celebrated EF Day on November 10 in Tokyo.  Much of the discussion focused on the U.S. presidential election, and its broader implications for the Asia-Pacific region. The fellows shared expectations and concerns over the incoming leadership regarding foreign/security policy, trade/energy policy, and its broader impact on the activities of Japanese companies in the U.S.  Throughout the discussion, the Fellows reaffirmed the importance of human ties and relationships fostered through the EF program.   The Fellows also shared the interactive experiences of two U.S.A. Fellows who came to Japan in 2016 and their interest in continuing to welcome future EF fellows to Japan.


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