The World Law Congress

Eisenhower Fellowships chapter of Spain
February 19/20
Spanish Royal Theater, Madrid
2000 global leaders, attorneys and judges from more than 20 countries gathered to discuss issues of global law. The Spanish chapter of Eisenhower Fellowships hosted one of the 15 parallel roundtables, focused on democracy and freedom of speech, with leaders of the Spanish media and recipients of the Eisenhower Fellowships First Amendment Award joining the Fellows. The conclusions of this discussion were announced to the Plenary Meeting of the World Law Congress and the King of Spain, Felipe VI. The event highlighted the importance of the first amendment of the United States Constitution, in order to promote and defend democracy and the rule of law. 



September 21

As they did in 2015, the Eisenhower Fellows of Jamaica partnered with the National Crime Prevention Fund (Jamaica’s Crime Stopper Program)) to celebrate its 30th anniversary.

The Fellows, in partnership with Crime Stop secured the honorable Mr. Justice Michael Tulloch of the Ontario Court of Appeal who spoke about the “The Social Determinants of Crime and Some Proven Strategies to Combat it.”

The five Eisenhower Fellows from Jamaica are in various capacities, working to find solutions to the issue of crime and violence, as an outcome of the 2019 Eisenhower Day of Fellowship, they plan to facilitate greater collaboration between their individual activities and programs to find common ground to support collective efforts to solve crime and violence and the resulting social and economic impacts on their communities.



Mindanao Peace Forum

Eisenhower Fellowships chapter of the Philippines

September 26
The Eisenhower Fellows of the Philippines partnered with The Rotary Club for a forum to discuss how private organizations, the business sector and youth can work together in their efforts for a sustainable peace. Learn more here

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October 9
Fellows from Washington DC celebrated EF Day during the 2019 Defense TechConnect summit.

Eisenhower Fellowships Pacific Regional Conference

A collaboration of the Fellow chapters of Indonesia, New Zealand and Australia

October 26

Wellington, New Zealand

Partners in Humanity: Managing Harmony and Diversity in the Pacific Region
See photographs from the event here


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Ireland/Northern Ireland

November 2-3

The annual chapter meeting featured a discussion on leadership and impact with the heads of the Irish and Northern Irish civil services.


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November 22
Cracking the Power Nut: Lasting Solutions to Nigeria’s Power Challenges
The Nigerian Fellows will meet for a breakfast seminar where they will discuss how to improve financing and investments in Nigeria’s power sector. Joining the Fellows is guest of honor, His Excellency, Professor Yemi Osinbajo, vice-president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.


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