It’s been a busy time here at EF House, coordinating programs and events for the Fellows and welcoming a few new faces to our staff at the same time. Here are the newest members of our team:

Jacob Schneider joined the staff in February as a Program Officer. Prior to joining EF, he worked as a corporate and securities lawyer in Philadelphia, New York and Hong Kong, where he handled a wide variety of transactions for an international client base. Fluent in Mandarin, Jake has also lived, worked and studied in a number of cities in China.

Vicki O’Rourke began in February as Program and Operations Administrative Assistant. She’s the friendly face who answer phones and welcomes visitors to the EF House. Her responsibilities also include supporting the Programs and Development teams, coordinating internal communications and event planning for EF’s Annual Meeting and other events.

Regina Medina is, temporarily, EF’s Communications Officer and an experienced print journalist and writer who will work at EF on a part time basis until May 26.

Tina Pomerantz is the new Executive Administrator to the President and began her role April 3, the same day that Orientation Week kicked off. She has significant administrative experience as well as event and meeting planning background. Tina also owned her own event management company.

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