George de Lama and Liu Limin

On March 27, Eisenhower Fellowships celebrated a 20-year partnership with the China Education Association for International Exchange in Beijing. Eisenhower Fellowships hosted the first Single Nation Program with China in 1997 and today has expanded the partnership by inviting a cohort of USA Fellows to China every year under the Zhi Xing China program. EF President George de Lama and CEAIE President Liu Limin kicked off the daylong discussions that focused on the economy, education and technology. The event, officially titled the National Symposium on the Future of Work in Education in China, was conducted in partnership with HP, Alibaba, Intel and Julliard. Eisenhower Fellowships Speakers included EF Trustees Kimball Chen and Solomon Cai (China 2011), senior executives from major corporations and Fellows from the United States, China and Finland. Major General Yao Yunzhu (China 1999) delivered eloquent retrospective on the impact the fellowship had on her personally and professionally nearly 20 years ago. More than 100 guests participated in the symposium.

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