Sri Lanka is enduring some of the worst flooding in 14 years, with over half a million people displaced, hundreds dead, injured or missing. Only two weeks after returning from his Eisenhower Fellowship, Chevaan Daniel (Sri Lanka 2017) responded quickly to the call for humanitarian assistance and emergency relief. Daniel is Group Director with the Capital Maharaja Organization and was twice selected as one of Sri Lanka’s 40 Under 40 outstanding Young Business Leaders. Daniel, having explored humanitarian organizations in the U.S. while on his recent fellowship, leveraged his media network, Newsfirst Sri Lanka, to launch an emergency relief effort providing dry rations, water and medical help to those affected. The relief effort is known as Sahana-Yathra, meaning “Convoy of Relief” and has seen Daniel’s teams deployed in trucks and boats providing aid to those in need. Their rapid response as a media organization demonstrates the role that communities can play to aid in instances where there is emergency need, coming to the assistance of thousands of people.

Watch a report here.

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