Zeina Qaisieh, Jordan

Zeina Qaisieh JordanA future doctor of pharmacy, Zeina Qaisieh aims to be the voice of youth, guiding and empowering them to benefit local communities and the world around them.  Qaisieh has been a guest speaker for the World Day for Prevention of Child Abuse Conference and is a member of the U.S. Ambassador’s Youth Council. She is currently the chairperson for the IPSF Eastern Mediterranean Pharmaceutical Symposium where she leads a team of 40 pharmacy students.

I seize every opportunity to develop my skills and empower people around me, in all the experiences I have been through, I’ve always aspired to motivate my colleagues to utilize their capabilities, achieve more and have faith that if they want, they can. Eisenhower training, Fellows and network will enable me to achieve these aims and expand my positive impact to strengthen more youth across Jordan and the globe.”

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