Rosine Mwiseneza, Rwanda

Rosine Mwiseneza is a graduate of Kepler Kigali University under Southern New Hampshire University, majoring in business management with a concentration in public administration. Mwiseneza won the 2016 Ms. Geek Competition in Rwanda for her innovative solution for solving droughts on farms. She is a member of Girls in ICT Rwanda, an inter-generational group of women who are passionate about STEM and have come together to inspire more girls to join these exciting fields. In May 2016, she was elected board treasurer of the Rwanda Youth in Agribusiness Forum (RYAF). She is now managing a Coffee Washing Station in RWACOF EXPORT LTD, a company that collects cherry berries and processes them into coffee.

In order for the leaders in my region create a meaningful opportunity for young people they first need to understand background and lifestyle of youth in the region per region. People; parents, guardian and non-profit organization who take care of young people do not have equal ability to support them. My proposition would be to create an updated database of young people per region with their status, means student, farmer, driver or any other status.  This will help the government to understand what youth need depending on their current status.”

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