Once a Fellow, Always a Fellow

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With a rich history, Eisenhower Fellows have found many ways to continue their “lifelong fellowship.”

Roles range from identifying candidates as future Fellows to mentoring newly selected Fellows, to serving on nominating committees, taking  leadership positions in one of the many national or regional chapters, and organizing EF Day programs, conferences and other events.  Fellows also provide program guidance and hospitality to visiting Fellows. The Global Network CouncilPresident's Advisory Council and Board of Trustees are conduits for those who seek leadership and service roles with the EF headquarters and worldwide network. 
  • Eisenhower Fellows of Ireland & Northern Ireland
  • Eisenhower Fellows of Bangladesh
  • Eisenhower Fellows of Latin America
  • Fellows in Jordan Reunite
  • Eisenhower Fellows in the Philippines
  • Eisenhower Day of Fellowship Celebrations
  • Eisenhower Fellows of France
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Fellow chapters & ASSOCIATIONS:

There are many Fellow chapters & associations around the world. Having benefited from 
the transformational EF experience, members of these associations create individual and joint 
opportunities to better the world around them. Additionally, in-country Fellow chapters provide 
a sustainable forum for Fellows to network with each other, stay in contact with the U.S. 
headquarters and to work together to advance shared goals. 

The EF Pin

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Ever wonder about the significance of the EF pin that all Fellows receive upon officially entering the network of Fellows? The book symbolizes knowledge, the olive branch represents peace, and the torch stands for enlightenment. For those Fellows who celebrate 50 years in the network, EF also “pins” them again.