A number of outstanding Fellows are recognized annually with the bestowal of an honorary fellowship in the name of a member of the Board of Trustees.

Recipients of named fellowships are selected based on the confluence of their vision and accomplishments with the Trustee’s values, interests, and leadership.   Selections are made at the conclusion of the Fellows’ programs, so that the process may be informed by several months of direct contact with prospective awardees. Recommendations for selections are made by senior staff to the President of EF, based upon the performance and promise of all Eisenhower Fellows programmed in a given year, whether they be overseas Fellows who have come to the U.S. or Americans who have gone abroad. 

Recipients of fellowships sponsored by corporate partners are chosen for their character and high level of achievement.

The designation of the awardee is made known to the Fellow; is communicated to the Trustee or an individual designated by his estate, or to the corporate sponsor; and is made public in the EF Annual Report and website by appropriate designation accompanying the name of the Fellow chosen.

Fellows who have been the recipients of named fellowships have been consistently honored and inspired by their association with EF’s great leaders.  They contact their beneficiaries directly and, with the help of EF staff, make every effort to meet and remain in contact with the Trustee or a family member.

Honorary Fellowships Awarded

UTC Fellow

• 2012 recipient: Hamdan Majeed from Malaysia
• 2013 recipient: David Flanagan from Australia
• 2014 recipient: Juan Ernesto Pardinas from Mexico 
• 2015 recipient: Ana José Varela-González from Spain
• 2016 recipient: Wahyuni Hadi from Singapore

    ExxonMobil Women's Leadership Fellow

    • 2012 recipient: Roxana Damaschin-Tecu from Romania
    • 2013 recipient: Thao Griffiths from Vietnam
    • 2014 recipient: Bosede Bukola Afolabi from Nigeria
      • 2015 recipient: Kuda Chitsike from Zimbabwe
        • 2016 recipient: Lorna Irungu-Macharia from Kenya

        Chevron Fellow

        • 2012 recipient: Kola Masha from Nigeria 
        • 2013 recipient: Vishal Talreja from India
        • 2014 recipient: Ilka Houben from Germany
          • 2015 recipient: Gim Huay Neo from Singapore
            • 2015 recipient: Stacey Chang from the United States (Austin, TX)

            Ward Wheelock Fellow: A Middle East Fellow from for-profit or non-profit, non-governmental sector. Instituted in 2003 with Keith Wheelock’s gift to the EF endowment, to honor his father’s role as a founding EF Trustee.

            • 2008 recipients: Gil Pereg (Israel), Deema Bibi (Jordan), Iyad Masrouji (Palestine), Suaad Al-Harthi       (Saudi Arabia), and Khalid Al-Ruwaihi (Bahrain)
            • 2009 recipient: Mohammed Al-Jasser from Saudi Arabia
            • 2010 recipient: Valentina Qussisiya from Jordan 
            • 2011 recipient: Omar Al-Madhi from Saudi Arabia
            • 2012 recipient: Ruba Al-Zu'bi from Jordan
            • 2013 recipient: Dr. Basma AlBuhairan from Saudi Arabia
              • 2014 recipient: Fares Braizat from Jordan
                • 2015 recipient: Fehr Nazer from Saudi Arabia
                  • 2016 recipient: Adi Gigi from Israel

                    Douglas Dillon Fellow: Fellow who combines private enterprise and public service. Instituted in 1996 with Ambassador Dillon’s gift to the EF endowment.

                    • 2008 recipient: Jackie Saettone from Peru
                    • 2009 recipient: Mihai Ghyka from Romania
                    • 2010 recipient: Carol Musyoka from Kenya
                    • 2011 recipient: B. Rajsekhar from India
                    • 2012 recipient: Faik Tunay from Turkey
                    • 2013 recipient: Jeff Frazier from the United States (Raleigh-Durham, NC)
                    • 2014 recipient: Hugo Alconada from Argentina
                      • 2015 recipient: Thiago Toscano from Brazil
                        • 2016 recipient: Stephanie Caragos from the Philippines 

                        Thomas B. McCabe Fellow: A public-spirited businessperson. Instituted in 1986, with a pledge from EF board member James McCabe, to honor his father’s founding chairmanship of Eisenhower Fellowships.

                        • 2008 recipient: David McConnell from New Zealand
                        • 2009 recipient: Mike Train from the United States (St. Louis)
                        • 2010 recipient: Yewande Sadiku from Nigeria
                        • 2011 recipient: Adrienne Kravitz, Agricultural Fellow, from USA (New England)
                        • 2012 recipient: Brigitte Daniel from the United States (Philadelphia)
                        • 2013 recipient: Nomfanelo Magwentshu from South Africa
                          • 2014 recipient: Gus Schmedlen from the United States (Raleigh-Durham, NC)
                            • 2015 recipient: Nathan Sivagananathan from Sri Lanka
                              • 2016 recipient: Stephanie McMahon from the United States (Stamford, CT)

                              Philip D. Reed Fellow: Outstanding Fellow focused in energy, environment, minority advancement, or public policy. Instituted in 1993 with Mr. Reed’s gift to the EF endowment.

                              • 2008 recipient: Zuzana Wienk from Slovakia
                              • 2009 recipient: Tri Mumpuni Iskandar from Indonesia
                              • 2010 recipient: Kevin Gunn from USA (St. Louis)
                              • 2011 recipient: Harsha de Silva from Sri Lanka
                              • 2012 recipient: Dr. Valerie Cummins from Ireland
                              • 2013 recipient: Dr. Pilvi Torsti from Finland
                                • 2014 recipient: Yan Speranza from Paraguay
                                  • 2015 recipient: Safa Uslu from Turkey
                                    • 2016 recipient: Oonagh McPhillips from Ireland

                                    Chinatrust Jeffrey Koo Fellowship

                                    • 2013 recipient: Vincent Lin from Chinese Taipei
                                      • 2014 recipient: George Hsieh from  Chinese Taipei
                                        • 2015 recipient: Felix Ho from Chinese Taipei
                                          • 2016 recipient: I-I Chan from Chinese Taipei

                                          Eisenhower Fellowships Association of China (Taiwan) Fellow

                                          • 2009 recipient: Sarawut Benjakul from Thailand
                                          • 2010 recipient: Marti Cortez from USA (St. Louis)
                                          • 2011 recipient: Christopher Fang from USA (New England)
                                          • 2012 recipient: Andrew Stober from USA (Philadelphia)
                                          • 2013 recipient: Polly Ruhland from USA (Denver)
                                          • 2014 recipient: Adam Grossman from USA (Boston)
                                          • 2015 recipient: David Bray from USA (Washington DC)

                                          John S. Wolf Fellow: Named for Eisenhower Fellowships’ ninth president and awarded annually to a Fellow committed to deepening understanding between the United States and Asia and collaborating with Impact across the EF global network.

                                            • 2015 recipient: Amy Wilkinson from USA (San Francisco)
                                            • 2016 recipient: Anu George from India